County Attempts Crackdown on Community Foodsharing in the Courthouse Lawn

On Sunday December 23 people sharing food with Food Not Bombs, a free community meal, were asked to leave the Prescott Courthouse lawn or sign a permit. No one represents Food Not Bombs, so permits do not apply. Sharing food is not a charity, it's what people do in a healthy society.

Five or six years ago, Prescott Food Not Bombs came under fire by a county parks rule that prohibited "organized gatherings without a permit". Individuals continued to show up anyway to exercise their right to share food with each other. When the city police were called in, it was decided that no one was breaking any city laws, so no arrests were made and the eating continued. All branches of county government conceded that they could not enforce it, either, because no one was in charge of any organization. People individually showed up to the park to eat food.

Prescott Food not Bombs is once again under threat. Someone in the county government, whether it was the individual security guard or, his supervisor or county executives, decided that people are now prohibited, after five or six years, from sharing food together in the park. The city police were called in today, and they only half-acted like they had any jurisdiction while asking us to respect park rules. They appeared to have only a mediator role, however. Everyone left.

This Wednesday, 5:00pm, at the Catalyst (109 N. McCormick, behind Porky's), there will be an informational and strategic meeting. There are some communications with the county and the Mayor, and more details should develop before Wednesday.

Some people are planning on sharing food together at the regular time, 3:00, on Sunday. A portion of the meeting will be devoted to planning for this. read more>>>

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