Tre Arrow's latest call out - Dec 21, 2007

Tre's words...
I wish everyone a blessed holiday season and sacred solstice.

A tiny limb of spruce needles was given to me this week. Periodically, I pick it up and hold it to my nose. I am instantly filled with the sweet, pungent fragrance of the sacred tree, while simultaneously flooded with countless memories of the magic surrounding this time of year.
Despite the depth of darkness and the widespread consumerism and oppression throughout our culture, there remains a Divine light.

Throughout all I've been through and all the changes that have occurred, when I smell the spruce needles I'm transported to my innocent days of youth. Part of me longs to reclaimthose days before there was knowledge of the darker side of humanity. Nevertheless, I have faith that the light, which we all carry, may come to manifest a world where all beings are happy and free.

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