Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Caught in Ethics Conflict Over the LNG

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which regulates the LNG industry (or pretends to) is caught in a huge, obvious conflict of interest issue since it has been discovered that the contractor it used to write the Bradwood Environmental Impact Statement is also working for the Palomar pipeline. Essentially, the same contractor is simultaneously writing environmental documents for both FERC and the energy industry - on the same project!!

It is now obvious that FERC's own contractor has a huge financial interest in getting the Bradwood project approved. If Bradwood is approved, then the Palomar project becomes much more viable - and the FERC contractor is also working for Palomar. NRG will make more $$ by writing a shoddy document on Bradwood and giving the FERC commission a rose-tinted view of the Bradwood project. And this is exactly what happened. The Bradwood EIS is outlandishly cursory in its analysis and ignores huge potential negative impacts to fish, public safety, the local economy, and wildlife in the area.

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