2007: That Was the Year that Was...

A look back at the stories, issues and events of 2007 on Bristol Indymedia A look back at 2007 on Bristol Indymedia One of the big stories of the year was the Fairford trials - five people in three trials, all of whom had taken direct action to stop the bombing of Iraq and were now facing the wrath of the state; "Although there has been no definitive verdict one way or another, it is heartening to think that a third, random group of 12 people from Bristol has been unwilling to convict individuals for taking direct action against the USAAF Fairford as it made preparations for, what I assume we must all generally understand by now, was a War against Peace" The whole thing ended in 2 Not Guilty & 1 Guilty verdicts. 2007 saw plenty of 'David vs. Goliath' battles with Tesco's taken on in Shepton Mallet and Sainsburys taken on by BOGOFs, people from all over the South West getting involved in the anti-pipe actons, protesters taking on BAE over its alleged corrupt practices. 2007 saw plenty of notable anniversaries such as the 2nd Bristol Latin American Forum, the 3rd anniversary of Bristol Wood Recycling Project, 4th Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and 10 years of New Labour. We said goodbye to the Boss of UWE (a 'Conflict of Interest'), Tony Blair with a call to 'Make Blair’s Last Day, An Anti-War Day', Ashton Court Festival, Bristle Magazine and plans for the Bristol Arena. In media news we saw the launch of the Bath Bomb, the rise of local blogging, the unionising of Northcliffe (owners of the Evening Post, Venue, the Western Daily Press and more) as well as big questions being asked about Independent Media. Climate Change was one of the biggest issues of the year with action being taken against airports (see image; an endangered gorilla outside Bristol airport), climate camp, critical masses (with criticism of the policing of both), Shell and the Council, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Royal Bank of Scotland and Staverton Airport in Gloucestershire. 2007 saw a number of significant victories including FOSBR winning a Sunday service on the Severn Beach Line, Anti-Prison campaigner Pauline Cambell being found 'Not Guilty', Stokes Croft becoming 'The World's Largest Outdoor Art Gallery' and victory for the campaign around the Elizabeth Shaw chocolate factory development plus deportations being halted on UN Refugee Day. We also had some local elections, found that DNA pioneer James Watson's talk in Bristol was stopped due to a racism row, read about the Lib Dems coming under fire over hypocrisy, as well as Labour facing questions over a £10,000 donation uncovered by the Bristol Blogger, learned of plans to see Somerset being dumped with all the UK's nuclear waste and followed the exploits of Bristolians helping out in other parts of the world from Colombia to Palestine.A happy 2008 from all at Bristol Indymedia!.Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

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