rampART social centre farewell

The rampART social center is finally facing eviction after almost 4 years of providing a non-commercial venue for a wide range of activities. On the 12th of December, the social center and the squatted houses in the street were all served with notice of court proceedings for repossession. On the 20th, the case was heard and the rampART lost. The possession order will be granted on the 3rd of January 2008.

There have been various meetings to plan what happens next and to organise opening a new space. There is also an assembly on the 6th Jan, to discuss opening more london social centers generally and hopefully form a london wide social centers collective to make this happen. The rampART collective will also be meeting again at 6pm Monday 31st prior to the what might be the last big event at the social center, the 'Fuck the Bailiffs, Smash the Borders!' rampART/noborders benefit bash! (NYE from 8pm till very late).

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