2007 Year In Review

2007 was a year of hard work at the grassroots -- including some hard-won victory. In the courts, the streets (1, 2), the congressional offices, and the schools (1, 2), anti-war activists have put their bodies in the way of the US war machine. Farmworkers won a historic contract and taxi workers pulled off an unprecedented two-city strike. Political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal got a day in court, and protests around the globe secured clemency for Kenneth Foster Jr. Students successfully fought military recruitment in Santa Cruz, and in Boston forced labor negotiations with a hunger strike. Animal rights activists prevailed against Schumacher Furs in Oregon, and in Colorado Columbus Day was challenged by a united front. And we came together in historic gatherings -- the first ever US Social Forum, the No Borders Camp, and the Zapatistas' Intercontinental Indigenous Summit.

2007 also saw victories for the rights of independent journalists. Reporter Josh Wolf was freed, and video activist Patrick Thompson won a new trial. IMCista Brad Will's memory was carried on in word and in action.

Meanwhile, we came together to respond to tragedies -- ongoing and sudden.
» May Day 2007: Police Attack MacArthur Park Demonstration; Bratton’s “Agitators” Story Untrue
» ICE Raids: Reports from Painesville, OH, Boston, Santa Barbara
» Sanctuary Violated: Elvira Arellano Arrested by ICE; Deported to Tijuana
» Jena: Judge denies request to free teen on bail in the wake of largest civil rights protest in years
» Globalization: Protests greet IMF Delegates
» Post-Katrina New Orleans (pictured): Police Attack Housing Rights Protesters With Mace, Tazers to Keep Them Out of City Hall

And, our communities have already begun preparing for the 2008 election season, through regional anti-convention organizing and media activism.

Through all this, Indymedia collectives across the country have worked to document and amplify these efforts. Contribute your coverage | Get your coverage syndicated to IMC-US

Local IMC "Year in Review" Roundups: Houston | Los Angeles | Pittsburgh

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