Neighbors Unite Against the BLM’s “WOPR”

Cave Junction, Oregon - Friends and neighbors with homes and businesses near Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property will rally at BLM headquarters, 3040 Biddle Road in Medford, on Tuesday January 8th at 11:00AM, come rain, snow or shine! The peaceful rally will address numerous issues and concerns that directly affect the economy, environmental health and quality of residents’ lives through-out the region. A bus load of residents from the Illinois Valley will arrive just before 11:00 am.

Opposition to the BLM’s Western Oregon Planning Revision (WOPR) process for 2.5 million acres of public forestland statewide has galvanized a huge and diverse alliance. Rally organizer and Illinois Valley resident Dorothea Hover-Kramer said, “At countless meetings, when we ask how many people live adjacent to or near BLM lands, all the hands in the room go up!” Hover-Kramer adds, “There are many new faces: vineyard owners, farmers, river and back-country outfitters, horse enthusiasts, restaurant owners, teachers, scientists and retirees, to name a few.”

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