Indigenous Communities Call on DHS to Stop Border Land Grab, Respect Property and Human Rights

On Monday, January 7, a coalition of Native American and border community leaders announced their intent to fight the Department of Homeland Security's threatened seizure of their property along the United States-Mexico border. DHS is attempting to use its powers of eminent domain in order to illegally seize private lands and build the controversial border security wall. The announcement, made during a national telephonic media conference, took place on the same day that DHS 30-day notices expired, leaving Texas landowners along the international boundary terrorized by the possibility of losing ancestral lands.

Last month, DHS Secretary Chertoff stated DHS's intent to seize privately-held property in south Texas if property owners fail to cooperate with government efforts to erect the border wall, approved by Congress last year. DHS has stated that it will seize property even without the consent of landowners if necessary to complete the construction of the border fence.

DHS plans to complete the Texas portions of the fence before the end of the 2008 calendar year. DHS has already built walls along much of the California and Arizona international boundary zone with Mexico despite opposition from the government of Mexico. In Arizona, the wall cuts through Native American ceremonial crossing areas as well as through a national wildlife park. Indigenous communities are calling on the U.S. government to stop this land grab and respect the rights of migrants, Americans and indigenous peoples at the U.S.-Mexico border... read more>>>

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