Ward Connerly's "Super Tuesday for Segregation"

By David A. Love, the Black Commentator: Ward Connerly, that high profile opponent for affirmative action and Black water carrier for the new Jim Crow, has returned. He wants to eliminate affirmative action everywhere, and make a buck at the same time... Connerly's "Super Tuesday for Equal Rights" is an effort to promote ballot initiatives throughout the country that would eliminate tax dollars to affirmative action programs based on race and gender. He has targeted five states for this year's November ballot -- Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma -- all of which have relatively low numbers of people of color. In the absence of a determined and coordinated campaign to quash his efforts, he might succeed in taking us back to the future we know too well. Article first published in The Black Commentator. Cartoon from BAMN; first published March 1998 Emerge Magazine.

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