San Francisco Medical Cannabis Patients Speak Out Against DEA's Threats to Safe Access

On Monday February 4th, members of San Francisco's medical cannabis community and their supporters gathered to call for Mayor Gavin Newsom to end his silence about recent US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)'s scare tactics against medical cannabis facility landlords. On Wednesday, Newsom's spokesperson made a lukewarm statement against the DEA's actions. Some SF Supervisors are concerned that this statement did not demonstrate enough leadership, because many measures would be needed to protect dispensaries from closure, and to assure patients' continued access to their medicine should the DEA's threatening letters lead to many dispensaries closing down. On February 12th, the SF Board of Supervisors will hear a resolution that would show the Supes' support for John Conyers, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee of Congress, who called for hearings to investigate the DEA's attempts to undermine California state laws. Patients and supporters will speak out in support of this resolution, which will be heard at 2pm on the 2nd floor of San Francisco City Hall.

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