Ways of supporting Briana Waters in Court. IMPORTANT!

For many of us wishing to support Briana in her trial, what we think of as "appropriate dress" for court is going to be a bit different than what her jury will think of as normal. Here are some important thoughts for those getting ready to go up to Tacoma tomorrow and over the next month...

First of all, one of the most important things to remember is that we are there to support Briana and help show the jury that she isn't part of some "family" of underground scary anarchists or even activists. We are not there to protest the unjust court process, we are there to show a jury that a large number of THEIR peers support this woman and don't believe the government line. Therefore: IT IS ESSENTIAL, that if you want to support Briana, to show up in the most mainstream type of clothes you can find. Do NOT wear black. No Patches. Piercings other than earrings should be taken out. Guys: If your scruffy, now is a great time to shave...

Also, if you want to help out in this case but don't know if you can pass yourself off as something you're not, WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP! There are plenty of ways to get involved behind the scenes that are just as important! Please email  olycivlib@riseup.net to find a way to help!


homepage:: http://portland.indymedia.org/ read more: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2008/02/372104.shtml

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