Mexicanos Sin Fronteras Statement to the Virginia General Assembly

Today we are gathered to draw attention to the massive number of mean spirited, hate-filled, anti-immigrant bills before the House of Delegates and the Senate. It is time to speak the truth about these kinds of actions and the motivation behind them. These bills are not measures that foster prosperity nor build communities. They are just the opposite. I know this because I live in Prince William County . Our Board of Supervisors, motivated by similar ideas, passed anti-immigrant legislation in our county. And now we the residents of that county are paying for it. The county budget is in a multimillion dollar deficit that will dramatically drive up our taxes. Our businesses are closing down, our home values are plummeting far worse than neighboring counties, our police have lost the respect and support of the immigrant community and many of our residents live in a constant state of fear. Is this what we want for the state of Virginia ?

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