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...Someone reports she had been tortured and politicians and public institutions demand proofs to the victim. If he has not any proof, they act as if they were excused. As it seems they don't see in this helplessness a denunciation to themselves, thought it is exactly that, if we look at it with some logic. The reason a person can be tortured is due to her total defenseless state, and it's because of it that she can't present proofs. So it's a sarcasm that politicians demand proofs to the torture victim, when the responsibility that torture exists is theirs -of thelegislative power- and so both facts -first the existence of torture and second, the inexistence of any proof- is due to them and no one else. To take refuge in demanding proofs to the victim is the solution of a politician who wants no solution...

Joxe Azurmendi, cited by David Fernández in Cròniques del 6

February 4th, 5th & 6th, Conferences about Torture Prevention

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