Anti-War Protests Target Military Recruitment in National Day of Action

Friday, February 15 saw protests against the war at military recruitment centers across the country, in response to a call from the Iraq Moratorium campaign.

From DC-IMC: Funk the War Storms, Trashes 14th and L Military Recuiter — At the peak of the second"Funk the War" dance party/protest, the entire group swarmed the military recruiter at 14th st, with about half the group getting inside and the rest securing the entry and plastering windows with stickers. Read More | Audio

From NYC-IMC: Iraq Moratorium Event Targets Military Recruitment in El Barrio — The event in New York City was held outside a military recruitment center in East Harlem on 103rd Street and Lexington Ave. A coalition of anti-war groups, including Code Pink NYC, World Can’t Wait and the Harlem Revolution Club, participated in the action that drew between 30-40 people. Read More & Pics

More Coverage: Right/Left Face to Face: Mtn View Recruiting Center from Indybay

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