International Actions against Israeli Apartheid

The period leading up to Valentine’s day saw actions against Israeli apartheid taking place in the USA, England and Belgium. A week of action had been called against the import of Israeli flowers for Valentine’s Day.

The call to action was against Carmel-Agrexco, the 50% state owned Israeli export company, and in support of a boycott of apartheid Israel.

On Friday 9th February Belgian activists blocked trucks at Agrexco’s depot in Liege, On Monday in Hayes, Middlesex, Activists blocked the entrances and exits of Agrexco’s UK headquarters. Some activists opted for another Valentine’s day target, the Israeli diamond trade: In London Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine and Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods picketed Lev Leviev’s new store while activists from Adalah in the US targeted Levievs’ New York branch. Leviev, an international diamond merchant, is responsible for developing illegal settlements on Palestinian land near the West Bank Villages of Bil In and Jayouss. His New York store has been targeted for several months by anti-apartheid activists.

Report of the Belgian Carmel-Agrexco action Photos | Video - 1 | 2 | 3| 4|5

Report of the London Carmel-Agrexco - 1 | 2

Original call to action against Agrexco

Previous Actions against Carmel-Agrexco 1 2 3 4 .

London Pickett of Lev Leviev’s Store| Video

Report of the US Picket | video | Pictures

More info on the campaign against Leviev so far

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