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Dismissals, precarization, harassment, beating...Demonstrate!

TMB: CGT's Criminal lawsuit against Mossos d’esquadra who beat a TMB bus driver ::: video summary of January 3rd & 4th strike ::: To inform about the demonstration of february the 9th and the bus driver demandscations ::: to all the metro workers
frape: The dismissals in Frape, some keys to understand the case and the collaboration between the company and La Generalitat ::: Antecedents and current situation of the conflict that workers held with the multinational Frape-Behr ::: Despite the 92 dismissals the Frape workers still fight ::: Solidarity with FRAPE workers: the company begins to notify the dismissals and the workers' close continues
others:Nissan: business plans for the new year and new firings ::: The 68 workers fired from Seat are still fired and about to lose the dole ::: CGT gathers the January 10th outside the SEAT's dealers in the whole country to demand the re-admission of those fired in the 2005 ERO ::: Hunger Strike for the re-admission of those fired from SEAT

[Feb 9th] 18h universitat Sq. Demonstration in support of the bus driver minimum break

[Feb 1feb] Beginning of the hunger strike for the workers fired from Seat
[Feb 7feb] La teixidora. Poblenou Speaker,dinner & kafeta for the bus-drivers 2-day break per week
[february] UB Cinema & labour world
[february] Temporary immigrant workers indefinite strike

related news: unemployment & precarious contracts ::: Protest picket in New York for repression to the Cananea striking miners (Mexic) + Communique in support to the TMB workers + INTERVIEW: María Jesús Paredes, CCOO's ex-secretary on banking: "CC OO is not a leftist labour union; is just a labour union" + The cleaning strike in Madrid's metro ends without the sign of CNT due to the "social peace" clause

+info : >>> labour issues ::: xarxa contra els tancaments (network against closings)

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