Community discussion- local sustainability group wants advice- Friday 29th

The Social Permaculture Advocacy Collective is hosting a community discussion on whether or not it needs a nonprofit status to accomplish its goals- first and foremost to assemble a library, study and meeting place. What is the S. P. A. C.? It's a new collective based in Portland, interested in researching what REAL sustainability will look like and then making it happen- not "going green," buying energy efficient light bulbs, but replacing civilization itself with community, equality & sustainability; learning how we as the descendants of imperialism can take responsibility for our and our ancestors wrongdoings on this land.

The S.P.A.C. wants to do a number of things, like assemble a library and host free workshops dealing with how we as inhabitants of an increasingly degraded ecosystem and social environment can learn to change our behavior in order to stop destroying nature and in order to survive without civilization.

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