Tre Arrow Arrives in Portland

Tre Arrow will be given a warm "welcome back" to Portland by his many friends, family and supporters. Tre is a grassroots activist, known foremost for his environmental protection work in the forests of Northern Oregon. Following several years of peaceful activism by Tre, the U.S. Government labeled him an "eco-terrorist" and charged him with multiple counts of arson, conspiracy to commit arson, and possession of destructive devices (i.e. incendiaries).
Tre has been a prisoner for four years in Canada fighting extradition to the U.S., fearing that he would not be given a fair trial in light of the "eco-terrorist" label. Tre is awaiting trial in Portland, Oregon, vigorously fighting his criminal charges. Tre states, "As winter holds the land in its grasp, the bare hardwoods stand strong and beckon the spirit of Spring. Likewise, as my life enters a new season, my strength and life force are flowing through my veins and invigorating my body, mind, and spirit for the upcoming challenges. The time has come to prepare for trial in Portland. I am returning from Canada ready to assist my lawyers in this process."

Tre has consistently denied any guilt and always asserted that he is innocent of all charges. Tre states, "I have maintained my innocence from the onset of this ordeal. My legal team presented my plea for asylum in Canada based on the political persecution I am facing. But, it is abundantly clear that the Canadian Government is complicit in the atrocities and injustices perpetrated by the US government. My faith in the Canadian authorities to act with a conscience in a fair and objective manner has not been realized. The time has come to prove my innocence once and for all."

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