World Can't Wait Arrestees Win!

On 5 October 2006, 10 responsible citizens were arrested in the World Can't Wait protest. That day they protested against the war and against Bush in a world that soon would no longer be dominated by republicans. In December '06, Ryan Dunn won his jury trial with Leah Greenwald providing the legal heroics. Civil disobedience protesters often win their jury trials in this county because the community does not support police behavior, and DA prosecution, of civil disobedience protesters.

Today was the first day of trial for most of the remaining group of 9 arrestees. The state told the court it had enough witnesses for this trial to last 3 WEEKS! But this morning, Spencer Hahn argued on behalf of all arrestees that the court and the State of Oregon had denied all defendants their Speedy Trial rights. Judge Philbrook heard all argument from the DA against the motion, heard arguments from other defense lawyers supporting it, and carefully considered all evidence relevant to the speedy trial motion. After carefully considering all the evidence, J. Philbrook ruled that the cases against the defendants should be dismissed!!!!

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