Tre Arrow Trial Set for May 6

Judge Hubel scheduled Arrow's trial for May 6th. Arrow is to be held as a flight risk and potential danger pending the trial. Arrow is currently being held in Multnomah County. Because of security concerns it is not yet known where he will be moved to. Tre faces fourteen counts with the charges of arson and conspiracy alone possibly resulting in life sentences.

Greeted by press outside the courthouse after the arraignment, (attorney) Loney stated that Tre felt that the time was right to return to Oregon to set the record. "His spirit is great," said Loney. "We are very happy that U.S. marshals will meet his raw vegan diet. He is a strong, centered and spiritual individual. This is what has carried him through."

Also speaking to press was Tre's sister Shawna Scarpetti. "Over the past four years we've had the time to discuss about how unjust and unfair what he is facing is. He absolutely believes that his attorneys will secure his freedom."

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