Flood Victims blockade Government Office in Leeds


Residents from flood stricken areas of Yorkshire and Humberside blockaded the Government Office in Leeds on Friday to protest at its continued promotion of airport expansion. Inspired by last year’s camp for climate action at Heathrow, the protesters from Hull, South Yorkshire and the Calder Valley used pop-up tents to set up camp outside the main entrance.

The timing of the protest coincided with the final stages in the adoption of the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) – the area’s fifteen year development plan which is currently on the desk of government minister Baroness Andrews, awaiting final approval. The plan allows for a threefold expansion of passenger flights from Yorkshire and Humberside. Bizarrely, voices which you might have expected to argue against this madness seem all to eager - Friends of The Earth made a submission to the RSS suggesting that an expansion of air travel was acceptable. (Maybe they should rename themselves Foes of the Earth?)

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