Sea Lions, Make Your Comments to WDFW Before April 4th.

Often, people get caught up in causes far away ... this is something right here, tangible, in our own region that we can really do something about... Aside from being extremely ethically problematic, killing sea lions to help recovering fish populations does not have a science-based foundation, and also has a very unpredictable outcome... There is simply no reason to have Sea lions be killed in vain.

"Under provisions of the State Environmental Policy Act, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is soliciting public comments on the sea lion removal proposal. Comments may be submitted from March 21 through April 4 via email ( or by mail to Teresa Eturaspe, SEPA coordinator, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, 600 Capitol Way N., Olympia, WA." Lets get the powers that be to reconsider this irresponsible course of action and focus on a more logical and effective management strategy in order to promote endangered fish populations--stricter fishing regulations. [ READ MORE | Email Comments | Other Sea Lion articles ]

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