Tucson Events to Highlight Repression and Resistance in Mexico; Groups Call for Pressure to Stop Plan Mexico

NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement has resulted in the loss of millions of jobs in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, driving migration, fueling social unrest, and undoing environmental, health, labor and land protections. Under "NAFTA-plus" - the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) - trinational negotiators continue to chip away at our rights and living standards, but now without even public knowledge of the procedures and the decisions that affect our lives.

Yet the U.S. Congress and President Bush - in bed with corporate interests - have ignored popular opposition and passed more Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)! Under Plan Mexico, Bush wants to send more lethal aid to the Mexican security forces involved in beating and murdering anti-globalization activists.

Unlike the behind-the-scenes negotiations of the SPP, funding for the $550 million plan must be approved by the U.S. Congress. We have an opportunity to stop this initiative before it goes through! Plan Mexico would not effectively support Mexico's fight against organized crime or improve the binational relationship. The "aid" in Plan Mexico goes to corrupt & brutal Mexican security forces and U.S. defense companies! Many local and national groups are urging others to take action today to Stop Plan Mexico... read more>>>

Several upcoming events in Tucson will highlight repression and resistance to neo-liberalism in southern Mexico. On Saturday, March 29 a dinner, photo, film and variety show will highlight and raise money for indigenous groups in Oaxaca who are fighting for land and autonomy. Sally, an arizona indymedia journalist who just returned from several months living in Oaxaca, will share stories and experiences from her travels.

On Sun, April 6 a member of "Friends of Brad Will" will be showing the film "One More Night at the Barricades", about Brad's life and the struggle in Oaxaca for which he gave it. Brad Will was a New York City indymedia journalist assassinated by government death sqauds in Oaxaca City in November 2006. His murderers, filmed by Brad himself moments before his death, have yet to be brought to justice - one more indication of the impunity with which government forces are repressing social movements throughout Mexico.

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