Third Circuit Court Rules Against a New Guilt-Phase Trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal!

While ruling against the three issues that could have led to a new guilt-phase trial, the court affirmed Judge Yohn's 2001 decision overturning the death sentence. If the District Attorney wants to re-instate the death sentence, the DA must call for a new penalty-phase jury trial that would be limited to the question of life in prison without a chance of parole or a death sentence. See lead attorney Robert R. Bryan's response, and articles by the Philadelphia Inquirer (w/ special archive page), David Lindorff, and The German Network Against the Death Penalty and to Free Mumia.

Protest actions are planned for Friday, March 28, in New York City, and San Francisco. In Philadelphia a press conference and emergency planning meeting are scheduled for Monday, March 31, as well as a mass demonstration on April 26. For the latest updates, go to

Abu-Jamal's friends, The MOVE 9, have parole interviews in early April. At a PA State Capitol press conference this week (WATCH VIDEOS), supporters publicized the campaign to contact the Parole Board and sign an online petition.

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