16 Animal Activists Cited and/or Arrested in Utah

On Sunday April 27, 2008, 16 animal activists held an outreach protest at the neighborhood of two University of Utah primate vivisectors to educate the neighborhood about the atrocities occurring at the University of Utah animal resource center. When activists showed up - they discovered that the University of Utah had hired 24 hour security for the homes of some of its personnel - surely with a hefty price tag!

Activists were well-aware that the city had recently adopted an anti-speech ordinance requiring activists to remain off of public property near a 'targeted residence' during a 'targeted residential protest' - so they tailored their protest with that in mind. Rather than do a targeted picket, activists continually marched around the neighborhood - never remaining stationary - to educate the general neighborhood about the barbaric treatment of animals at the U of U facilities. The march also had no targeted residence - no names were ever even mentioned as being associated with the cruelty inside labs.

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