Reportback from April 17th Action at Mexican Consulate

Members of Portland State University student groups M.E.Ch.A., Las Mujeres, North American Solidarity, Amnesty International PSU, and community groups Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, Cascadia Root Force, Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity [held] a march and rally outside the Mexican Consulate to demand a thorough investigation of the ambush and murder of two women community media activists in Oaxaca, Mexico. These groups also condemn the paramilitary repression of indigenous women and community media projects.

There was a vibrant turnout of 40 students and allies, who marched from PSU with three banners, two coffins to symbolize the deaths of these women, and chants for justice. Once arriving at the consulate, a delegation of four students from M.E.Ch.A., Las Mujeres, North American Solidarity, and one person from Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity went into the Mexican consulate to deliver the letter. Ursula Rojas greeted us and listened to our grievances and demands for justice. We were told that a copy of the letter would be sent to Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, governor of Oaxaca. We also spoke of our concern that US military aid under Plan Mexico would be used for further repression under the guise of the War on Drugs. We held a sit-in until 5pm at which time we left together peacefully. Below are the demands we made as well as the contact information we gave so that the Consulate officials may respond:

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