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The medias are concealing the re-emerging fascism in Bolivia

Bolivia is burning ::

After the "autonomist" referendum hold on May 4th at Santa Cruz Province, the fascist and racist groups financed by landowners -Nación Camba, Unión Cruceñista - started several shows of strength and violence break outs against indigenous of the region (mainly Collas). International and Spanish Media Corporations adopt an ambiguous posture, leaving the door open to a racist separatism which can allow the landowners oligarchy to negotiate directly with the big global powers. "El País" blows on the Bolivian separatist nationalism fire :: Media Rotten news against Bolivia :: Nación Camba and their objective [video] :: Nor Evo nor the oligarchy :: Sucre, racism capital :: See also Bolivia Indymedia and IndyBcn sections >>>people & cultures and >>>Latin America

News: Coordinadora de Juventudes Antifascistas declares the state of emergency :: About the armed fascist groups (+photos) :: United States drives the separatism :: A journalist saves an indigenous from a racist aggression [+photos] :: Nor Evo nor the oligarchy: Oruto miners propose the revolutionary way Useful links: Econoticias Bolivia (Bolivia Econews) :: Ukhampacha Bolivia

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