New Article Details Ongoing Injustice for Chicago Torture Victims of Infamous Burge Police Regime

A new article by Chicago Indymedia contributor Jessica Pupovac posted originally on Alternet details the ongoing injustice of still-jailed victims of the infamous Jon Burge police torture regime.

Among the highlights of the article:

* "At least 24 African-American men that the People's Law Office in Chicago claims are still serving sentences for crimes they say they confessed to only after enduring hours of torture at the hands of Chicago police officers under Commander Jon Burge between 1972 and 1992."

* "Almost 20 years later, not a single police officer has been made to face charges in the massive scandal."

* "On July 18…members of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, lawyers from the People's Law Office, religious and community leaders and relatives of the wrongfully imprisoned rallied in front of [Illinois Attorney General Lisa] Madigan's office", calling for prosecution against guilty parties and reparations for victims.

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