Climate Camp: Site Taken

The site for this year's Camp for Climate Action was taken four days ahead of the official start on Wednesday 30th July , just a few fields from the Kingsnorth Coal Power Plant. In a flurry of activity around 100 campaigners began setting up the camp at 3pm erecting tripods to prevent police from moving them and a banner which reads 'No New Coal' See Report and Pics | Gallery 1, 2 | Video: Camp is Open

Thurs 31st July: In a much criticised move, Police raided the Climate Camp on Thursday evening, under the guise of searching for items which could be used for criminal Damage. Although police claimed to be searching for materials that could be used on the 9th August day of action, their search focused on items such as guy-ropes for safely securing marquees, radios used in medical emergencies, and building materials essential for the construction of compost toilets as well as water piping. The seizures went as far as the confiscation of such ridiculous items as a bicycle repair kit, three board games and a pack of children's crayons. Other items taken included kitchen equipment and computer cables. Other equipment including construction wood was saved from confiscation by campaigners taking direct action. By the end of the day there had been 6 arrests, but the setting up continues and campers even found time to play a game of football with local residents. See Photos and Report | Camp Press Release | Report 2, 3 | Footie report

Friday 1st August: Construction of the camp continues apace. The local council has instructed the water board to install a water supply at the entrance of the camp. Today was also the first day for the media to come on site and be shown around. The temporary Field IMC at the Camp for Climate Action, is on-line and up and running. Meanwhile this morning 20 activists successfully blockaded the only access gate to Cargill's European regional head office in Cobham, Surrey. 8 activists locked on to the gates closing the site down completely. Agrobusiness giant Cargill are being targeted by the protesters for their role in rainforest destruction and land-grabbing as well as for profiteering from the food crisis. See Report | Pics | Feature

Saturday 2nd August: Police continue to confiscate essential camp infrastructures from people arriving, while the main marquee cannot be set up as Police still have key parts which they took on Thursday. After negatiations some of the items seized today were returned later in the evening, including materials for disabled access and toilets. The Police Forward Intelligence Team made a foray onto the field today but were ejected from the field by campers - see report. Meanwhile campaigners in the High Peaks area staged a demonstration to call for the re-opening of the Woodhead Tunnel and the Manchester to Sheffield rail line - see report. People arriving for the camp are being searched thoroughly by Police, but numbers are swelling.

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