Climate Camp Day 6: Action Spreads Across South East


On the sixth day of the Climate Camp, people took action at sites across the South East. Climate activists shut down the Vopak fuel depot in Thurrock, the biggest holder of biofuels in the South of England. At Gatwick Airport, activists dropped banners at the main concourse of the airport and at the trainstation while others locked themselves to railings. In London, 15 students staged a die-in in front of the Royal Bank Of Scotland HQ while lying in a pool of oil. Eon’s replica of the Kingsnorth coal-fired power station at the Legoland park in Windsor was occupied by one inch tall climate change campaigners.

Meanwhile, police saw their opportunity to move in to evict Bodge House, a disused farmhouse on the proposed site of an open cast coal mine, which was occupied in June. The site, near Shipley, Derbyshire is now the scene of hordes of police and bailiffs as they try make their way through the house's defences. With people hidden in tunnels and locked in lock-ons, the eviction is estimated to last 2-3 days. Bowl Court social centre in London was also evicted by police, who were reported saying 'we're not stupid, we knew you'd all be at the Climate Camp'.

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