In the end of July, 2008 the new magazine JUODRAŠTIS (Rough Copy) saw the daylight in Lithuania (Eastern Europe) – it is the first periodical issue of the radical thought after reestablishment of Lithuanian indepence and capitalist relations, i. e., from 1990. The collective of JUODRAŠTIS name it the magazine of stateless politics and unofficial culture.

Lithuanian activists decided to publish the magazine because of tendentious work of mainstream media and info-blockade of radical ideas. JUODRAŠTIS endeavours to reflect the mariety of the left anticapitalist movements, their origins of protest and struggling experience. The first issue of the magazine was collectively run by a group of activists, coordinated by the editorial consisting of 5 persons. JUODRAŠTIS has a real international collective; there were the contributions of neomarxists, anarchists, syndicalists and autonomists from France, USA, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Great Britain and some other countries.
The editing of the first issue was a real test of the anarchist principle of mutual aid. The editors of JUODRAŠTIS tried to reject all mercantile aims, not to seek any profit (fiscal or moral), to avoid capitalist relations.
JUODRAŠTIS is distributed in Internet and in the places of activist gathering, it can be bought in bookshops. The first issue of JUODRAŠTIS was presented at July 31st, 2008 in Galera, the gallery of alternative art in Vilnius.


Here is the new magazine of stateless politics and unofficial culture, full of radical and dangerous thoughts. You maybe know, that historians, cultural agents and intellectuals, serving the establishment of power, write official chronicles, where they glorify the victors and force people to obey to them. JUODRAŠTIS is an alternative of such chronicles, establishing the ruling power; we write not a chronicle, but a rough copy, that can become a tool of struggling for freedom and social justice for you and your friends.
Today throughout the world the global capitalist system is burgeoning, it is fed on social disjuncture, human inequality and economical crises. The system aims at forcing us see just one side of contemporary world – a huge number of logos in the supermarkets and lives of rich celebrities on TV screen. The oppressive „market economy” forms a logic of lifestyle, that forces us just to seek over wealth, prestige and power, because only in that way, according to that logic, we could give sense our lives and to look happy. We could look – but we aren‘t.
There is an enormous difference between the images of lifestyle formed by mainstream media and our everyday experience. Everyday the little man is forced to fight for his life, he constantly suffers exploitation and injustice in workplace. In the street he is watched with surveillance cams, at home – with TV eye. He feels unsafe about his future, therefore he loses his dignity. But h eis afraid to speak and to complain, because society, influenced by power and media treats those who resist, like criminals or terrorists, at best eccentric freaks. Those who pretend to be the defenders of freedom and democracy – multinational corporations, oligarchic and financial factions, that sustain the state organizations and the private institutions packing their selfish interests into the universal discourse – really hate free speech and dissenting opinion. The New World Order can be maintained only thanks to false consent, tendentious polls, cunning manipulations of public relations and up-to-down public opinion.
„JUODRAŠTIS“ endeavours to call your attention to pregnant tradition of social struggles and to put emphasis on actual topics. Social movements are strenghtening all around the world, their desire to act and struggle is inspired by radical anarchist and left ideas. The magazine will attempt to reflect the variety, origins of protest and struggling experience of the movements that the corporate media calls „antiglobalist“, but for us they are „anticapitalist“. This struggle and resistance became a real alternative for capitalist establishment during the last decade. Alternative comes into light everywhere – where one wins back the public space that belongs for all of us, where one establishes the social centre or the free university, where one organizes the meeting against the governmental injustice, where demonstration interrupts the quietness of the world‘s most powerful, where one reads another kind of literature, where the open and miltant discussion takes place, where one sees the variety opnions and direct action appears.
„JUODRAŠTIS“ would not like to represent any directive or instruction, we just want to contribute to common struggle – in your city, in the street, by computer and in all our thoughts. To the struggle for social justice, for the world that you are dreaming of. „Rough copy“ is understood as constant infinity, breaking the way to open discussion and constant perfection, where no one of the arguing people can take power over the monopoly of truth, where one does not have power to force others to believe the truth that is only useful for him. All that we do is „rough copy – the permanent laboratory of experiments, better life and creating social justice.
The name of the magazine symbolizes the spontaneous and sometimes contradictory thoughts that are immediately written on paper and chaotically break the usual structure of an issue. „JUODRAŠTIS” avoids copyright, political correctness and other artifices of corporate media.
This issue is unconventional because we have been arranging it together, collectively. We are thankful for our friends in Lithuania and fellows from other countries. The information, articles and the visual material, presented in the first issue of „JUODRAŠTIS“ were submitted by the anarchists, neomarxists, autonomists, syndicalists from Italy, the USA, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Russia and the United Kingdom. Thanks to their help the magazine maintains international character.
If you already know, what is Paris Commune, zapatistas and Indymedia, if the city names like Seattle and Genoa mean anything more to you – this issue is especially for you.
You must read JUODRAŠTIS, think it over and to correct. Finally, to write your rough copy yourself, and – and it is the most important thing – to act. Change the world according to your dreams.

The contents of JUODRAŠTIS NO. 1

Editorial Note

David Graeber. The Fragments Of An Anarchist Anthropology

Loren Goldner. Fictitious Capital For Beginners

Don LaCoss. American Corporate Thugs

Not The Liberation Of Work – Liberation From Work! JUODRAŠTIS Interviews Michael Hardt
Saulius Užpelkis. When Will Baltic Tigers Start To Bite Their Tamers? Or Timely Contemplations About Precariat
Stevphen Shukaitis. The Sysiphean Toil Of Self-management
Tomas Tengmark. The Swedish Model, Syndicalism And SAC

Kasparas Pocius. Time To Establish the Free University
The manifest of collective

Antanas Alkevičius. Red Army Faction
Ulrike Meinhof. Three articles from the magazine „konkret” (1967-1968)
Jean-Gabriel Périot. Some elements of another view to the history of RAF. The Short chronology of cinematographic view to RAF

Ben Holtzman, Craig Hughes, Kevin Van Meter. Do It Yourself... And Movement Beyond Capitalism
Lukas. NEBĖK: All The Machines, Except The Copiers, Are Too Quick
Ugnė. Food Not Bombs! – Vilnius
Fiokla. Anarchist Camps really independent information

Redas Diržys. Political performance as an act of cultural resistance
On political exhibition, Councils of Artists and the radicalization of art. Polemical talk with a member of artist group “Chto delat?” Dmitry Vilensky from Russia
Darius Pocevičius. Forward, You Children of Solid Worms!
Alexander Brener, Barbara Schurz. What To Do? 54 Technologies Of Cultural Resistance In The Epoch Of Late Capitalism

Book Review By Castor&Pollux

Cynic of Oz. Revolutionary‘68

Vilma Pajuodienė-Fiokla. To Be An Anarchist
Eugenijus Misiūnas. Return to the beginning. How I Became An Anarchist.

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