Our Last-ditch EffortsTo Save Franklin School Shelter

On the following morning, 9/11, I noticed dozens of people sitting in the dining area of Franklin. At a glance, I figured at least a dozen of them to be DHS employees. I proceeded to enter the room, but was quickly escorted out by Catholic Charities employee Harry Martinez. I left and returned an hour later to find Pat Handy getting out of a UPO (United Planning Org.)van, the vans used to transport the homeless during hypothermia. As we spoke, she informed me that she had not been to bed since the previous day. She entered the building and I went to get breakfast. Later that evening I would learn that many of the people whom I'd seen were homeless people from other shelters who'd been brought to Franklin early that morning. They were signed up for housing and given keys, as were some Franklin residents. Rumor has it that the number of non-residents who were brought to Franklin Shelter that morning was eventually added to the number of actual residents who were housed, so as to make it look as if they ALL had come from Franklin. If this proves to be true, it is essentially dishonest. On the Clock with Eric Sheptock, Streats Tuesday, Sept. 16th, City Council will vote on a bill that would keep Franklin open 9 AM: Rally Outside; 10 AM: Residents Pack the Council Chamber (5th floor), Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

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