Picket & Rally Outside the Smith/Schwarzenegger Fundraiser

Speak Out During the Governator's Visit to Oregon!

Picket & Rally Outside the Smith/Schwarzenegger Fundraiser
Oregon Convention Center
11:00 am * Friday, September 19th
777 NE MLK Blvd * Portland, OR

This promises to be the highest-profile GOP event in Portland since President Bush's visit in 2002. Join us in saying "Hasta
La Vista" to the Smith-Schwarzenegger-Bush agenda!

The ongoing assault on working people led by Gordon Smith, Arnold
Schwarzenegger, George Bush and John McCain has been about:

* dismantling essential public services like health care and education
* outsourcing family-wage jobs through expanded "free trade"
* short-changing public employees and busting unions
* giving tax cuts to the rich, while ignoring the needs of ordinary people

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