September 27th: Iranian American Activist Speaks On "Iran Today"

On Saturday, September 27, Mazda Majidi, Iranian American ANSWER activist, will present about his recent trip to Iran, the continued US-European aggression against Iran and the danger of a new war. Event starts at 7 pm at 1423 10th Ave in Seattle.

Mazda Majidi has been to Iran many times in recent years and has rare insights into life in Iran today, as well as sharp insights into the general situation in the Persian/Arabian Gulf region.

"When the U.S. war machine sets its sight on aggression against a country, one of the first things that is launched is a demonization campaign against that country's leaders and people" says Majidi. "The demonization campaign includes the propagation of myths that serve the purpose of whipping up a frenzy. With the compliance of the corporate media, the myths turn into a substitute for reality, and the truth is rarely discussed"

Mazda Majidi, an organizer for the ANSWER Coalition and the Party for Socialism and Liberation in northern California, is among the most effective debunker of these myths. Majidi believes that his speaking tour on Iran serves to inform people, particularly progressive and anti-war activists, of the realities of Iran, and the history of U.S. intervention there. Videos and DVDs of the presentations will be available as well as fact sheets and other printed materials.

Meet Mazda and join the discussion on Saturday, Sept. 27, at 7 pm at 1423 10th Avenue, near Neumo's Lounge.

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