Ground Noise and Static: Free Speech Under Attack at the RNC

A community reportback on protests, police and arrested journalists
at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Sun Oct. 5 4-6pm at Central Cinema (21st and Union, Seattle)

Download flyer (pdf)

Featuring on-the-scene video coverage of protests and arrests from PepperSpray Productions (Seattle) and Submedia (Vancouver), followed by critical discussion.

Speakers include: Susan Gleason (Reclaim the Media), Larry Hildes (National Lawyers Guild), Doug Honig (ACLU-WA), and local journalists arrested at the RNC.

Cosponsored by Pepperspray Productions, Reclaim the Media, ACLU-WA and KBCS 91.3fm Community Radio.

When PepperSpray reporters ran into Cindy Sheehan outside the Democratic National Convention they asked for her prediction of what will happen in November. Cindy said "One of the corporate candidates will win, and the question then, as always, will be what will the people do, not what will the politicians do."

It was exactly for this reason that Seattle’s PepperSpray collective sent 2 reporters to the democratic and republican national conventions, not to gain access to the convention floors, but to cover the movement in the streets. We weren’t there to document either party, nor the crimes they have committed. The list is so long and the crimes so bad even corporate media has been reporting that for some time now.

What corporate media overlooks is the story hidden in plain sight, of the movement, larger, more diverse, and more creative than anything happening inside the conventions. The corporate media would ignore, sensationalize, or insult those gathered in the streets, but indymedia was there to cover the action, and to find out what motivates the movement and to give both strategic and tactical reports of the battle for the future of humanity.

Meanwhile the two major parties spent millions on riot gear and more millions to buy "demonstration insurance" that would cover the lawsuits police might incur while doing whatever it took to keep the people down. Apparently, in modern America the Bill of Rights applies unless somebody gives the cops insurance money.

PepperSpray reporters went bravely into the melee, collaborating with Vancouver’s Franklin Lopez to issue a daily video report from the streets. Both PepperSpray reporters were arrested, as were so many other media workers, but now they are back, with a terabyte of video clips. Continuing the collaboration with Submedia’s Franklin Lopez (5t1mul80r), we have prepared a report-back from what Republican nominee McCain dismissed as the "Ground-noise and static."

Central Cinema (21st and Union, Central District Seattle)

Oh yeah, and there’s an after party playa!

7 pm at the Metal Arts Collective 4710 Ballard St.

Live music by the Staxx Brothers, bottomless beer cup and more!

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