support Eco Political Prisoner Grant Barnes

Grant is currently serving a 12 year sentence for ELF related actions. Please take a moment to write him a letter and show this Brother he is nor forgotten.
In a recent letter from Eco Political Prisoner Grant Barnes he made a few requests. He says in part "Challenging reading material is hard to get here but More then anything I enjoy correspondence.... please feel free to pass my address around." I get the impression from his letters that mail for him is pretty hit or miss. It would do a lot to lift his spirits if folks would write him. For more info on Grant Barnes see .

Grants received books from books to prisoners groups in the past and has gotten zines from South Chicago ABC as well but hasn't gotten anything in a couple months.

Books and Zines
Grant Would like books on Marxist theory and history also anything related to a non Marxist perspective on anti imperialism, feminism and primitivism. Welcomes zines as well as books.

Specific Authors Grant would like.
As for specific authors anything by Perman, Chomsky, Ward Churchill, Zerzan, Bonanno, or Debrod

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