The E.on 'Face-Off' begins...

The Camp for Climate Action called for 48 hours of action against new coal from midday Friday 28th E.On in particular were rattled, local and national media coverage was generated, resources for the new 'Face Off' campaign were gathered, a new website launched, and lists of possible targets compiled. The aim was to send a strong message to E.on that if they try to build a new coal fired power station then they will face a barrage of direct action - both towards their daily operations and their supply chain. Actions tooks place in Brighton , Bristol, Warwick , London, Nottingham , Norwich, Bristol, and Plymouth.

With the weekend over E.on no doubt thought the heat was off however Monday morning saw their corporate headquarters in Coventry struck for the third time in as many weeks with over twenty protesters dressed in santa suits invading their officers and blockading the entrance for four hours. [photos, spoof account, report, BBC TV News, BBC World At One ]

For full details of the actions and pictures go to the climate camp website and don't forget the new E.on website.

See also the newswire roundup and the roundup on EarthFirst! Action Reports.

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