Constructive Change of our Political Institutions: Toward a Bioregional state

"Do you voters understand why so many of us have less-than-zero faith in the electoral process now?" But explain, spell it out for us. What is this better method of decision making you have in mind? How does it work? Are you under the impression that a vast number of Americans [and billions around the world] wanted some particular (different) major change and so were denied a choice of that at the polls? And that is the reason why the electoral process didn't work to bring about that change. Look, I want major change as much as you do, but we're not going to make much progress toward that goal as long as we keep deluding ourselves as to what the real problem is. The real problem is that we haven't managed to project a clear vision of those changes, convinced many other people to want them. That comes first. ORGANIZE.

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