Battle in Seattle Showing 12/9/08

The 1999 WTO riots in Seattle were historic for several reasons. This was the first World Trade Organization meeting in the United States and the first to be effectively shut down. The riots also brought the term 'anti-globalization' to several Americans for the first time. Also, Indymedia emerged from the tear gas of the riots. Now, nine years later, the mainstream media gives its take on the events of late November of 1999. "Battle in Seattle" is a major Hollywood film that manages to leak some truth in with some melodrama. Using staged scenes and actual footage, the movie tells the story of several protesters, bystanders, delegates, cops and politicians and illustrates how everyone was affected by the riots.

It's not perfect but it's a great conversation piece. Portland Anti-Imperialist are proud to show this movie on Tuesday, December 9th at the Red and Black Caf? at 7pm. We will be bringing people that were at the riots and know the people that the characters were based off of so that they can answer any questions. Come join us for this free showing as we wade through Tinseltown's glitter to get to the nitty gritty.

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