Code Pink Stages 'Shoe-icide Attack' at White House

HONOR IRAQI JOURNALIST FOR COURAGE IN ACT OF RESISTANCE BEYOND ABILITY OF U.S. LIBERALS Even amidst the cacophony of construction equipment building Oprah's seat for the Inaugural Parade, Code Pink staged a mildly entertaining street theater and exhibit featuring the shoes of Iraqi civilian war dead, and a historic re-enactment of Iraqi reporter Muntader Al-Zaidi's bold, courageous "shoe-icide" attack on President Chimp at a Baghdad news conference last week. Still photography by Isis, via Flickr. Video by Mike Flugennock, streaming out of YouTube. More video by William Hughes, streaming out of YouTube. Broadcast audio via WSQT Direct Action Radio 88.1FM. Editorial cartoon by Mike Flugennock: "Mission Accomplished!"

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