Police Shine Spotlight On Joe Anybody Camera

While filming under the bridge, the police attempt to block my view
(PS I was also informed a police sweep would be happening on Saturday night)
I went to see if the homeless people under the Burnside Bridge in Portland Oregon were getting hassled for being "homeless" I seen a man getting arrested so I started filming from 50 yards away. As I filmed one officer in a car started shining his spot light to block me from filming. What I don't like is I just won a tort claim against the city police for taking my camera and for ticketing me for "filming them" ... I won my case  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2008/12/383132.shtml ... I can film... anyone can film the police in public[.] I also won 100 bucks ... a small fee that I attached to say I want policy change not money. One month latter the police are trying to block me again. I don't like this nor think it is appropriate. In good faith I didn't sue them for big dollars ...and yet they still play their "cover up games" ... This begs the question just what "Are the Portland Police Trying to Hide?" This was filmed on 1.9.09. I was informed by people under the bridge that the police that arrested the man, said they would be back tomorrow 1.10.09 to "sweep the homeless" from under the bridge...
<a href=" ">http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2009/01/384752.shtml"> See the video </a>

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