LNG Rally in Salem

This past Tuesday concerned citizens from Southern Oregon joined in a statewide rally on the steps of the Oregon Capitol to tell the Governor and our state legislatures to say “No to LNG ”. Approximately 400 Oregon residents from all walks of life from across the state gathered for a rally which was part of a citizen’s renewable energy day at the Oregon Capitol. A group of farmers brought a collection of tractors and horse trailers to represent their presence at the rally. These trackers were parked across the street from the capitol steps with signs voicing their opposition to LNG as a visual statement of who will be impacted by the terminals if they are allowed to be brought into Oregon. The salmon were also seen “swimming” throughout the crowds at the rally to show their opposition to LNG.

As well as a rally, which lasted for about 2 hours, there were workshops throughout the day and in the afternoon groups and citizens had the opportunity to speak with legislative staff from their districts about their concerns about LNG terminals being allowed to be developed in Oregon.

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