FBI Announces Sighting of Fugitive in BC

The Oregonian and other corporate media published articles yesterday announcing a sighting of Rebecca Rubin, fugitive in the Northwest "Green Scare" cases, who is indicted for Arson and other charges related to actions at Vail Ski Resort, a Susanville, CA wild horse corral, and other actions.

The articles are reprinted nearly verbatim from an FBI press release, and beg the question, "Why would they show their hand?" Logically, it would seem that letting Rebecca know she had been sighted (via the media) would only give her an advantage.

It is my opinion that the intention of this release is a calculated attempt to stir chatter to assist in the hunt for Rebecca and other fugitives. Have no doubt that they are listening in on the phone conversations and email accounts of anyone they suspect of having a connection to Rebecca.

This may seem obvious to some, but warrants pointing out.

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