Christchurch and Auckland Actions Against National's Attacks on Workers

Yesterday protest actions against the National led government's attacks on workers happened in both Christchurch and Auckland. In Christchurch 30 people held an afternoon picket outside the office of National MP Nicky Wagner to protest the new 90 day probation law. This law change means that all workers in small firms can be fired in the first 90 days of employment with no reason given by the employer. [Report and Pictures] Meanwhile in Manukau City 30 anti-capitalists demonstrated outside John Key's 'Jobs Summit', an elite gathering of 200 bankers, big business CEOs, politicians and union bosses to discuss the financial crisis. One of demonstrators wrote: 'It is hard to begin to explain why we were their but as someone that has lived most of my life in South Auckland the sheer insult of 200 mostly white, mostly male rich business owners meeting in the heart of Manukau to decide the fate of the workers around them speaks volumes. [Report: Protest against Key's Jobs summit] The protest demanded that there be no cuts to workers' wages, conditions and public services, such as health, education and welfare in response to the capitalist crisis. [ Photos from today's 'Jobs Summit'] 'There were some angry exchanges between the protestors and Rodney Hide, some of NZ’s 200 top CEOs and leading bankers, whilst John Key was spirited away without running the red flagged gauntlet.' [Socialist Aotearoa report] Greedy Rich Demand Bailout for their Crisis

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