Climate Rush on a roll


Climate Rush tackled more climate criminals last week when the UK coal industry got together for their annual 'coal awards'. In a protest timed to coincide with the UK Coal hosted awards, around 15 climate activists paid a visit to their Doncaster headquarters, dressed in Edwardian style complete with red sashes with the words 'No New Coal' written across them. A banner reading 'Leave it in the Ground' was suspended across the entrance.

In London, faced with the prospect of being exposed by the modern day climate suffregette movement, the dirty coal pushers bailed out, canceling their booking at the plush Landmark Hotel and hurrying through their ceremony earlier in the day at Lords Cricket grounds instead.

At the hotel, around a hundred activists rushed into the hotel through a fire exit while police blocked the main entrance. Inside an alternative awards ceremony began, based on the ecological damage that the coal industry is inflicting on the environment. When ejected from the hotel, /a>. The alternate awards continued outside. The Landmark hotel management were less than happy about the righteous fury brought down on them by the climate criminals and invited a couple of the protesters inside to prove that the event had been cancelled. He then pledged that the hotel would not be accepting bookings from such damaging industries again.

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