ROP State-wide Rural Caucus in Salem March 15

March 15th 1pm, Statewide March on the Capitol: Stop the Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan; Keep the Guard in Oregon.

ROP Statewide Rural Caucus March 15th brings people together to meet the challenges of the economic crisis and build progressive power for Rural Oregon.

Organizing with Hope in Times of Crisis.
What & When: Rural Caucus and Strategy Session Sunday March 15th 9am–7pm & Democracy Bailout Monday March 16th 9am-1pm.

Where: Salem, Oregon
March 15th at Willamette University (Montag Den)
March 16th at UCC Church (700 Marion St NE)

Who: Rural Organizing Project & 65 member Human Dignity Groups from 30+ counties in Oregon

Why: There is incredible hardship in rural Oregon right now but also a chance for true social change and economic restructuring. ROP members from all corners of Oregon will come together to strategize on the future of the progressive movement in rural Oregon, share skills to advance organizing in local communities & demonstrate our collective power.

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