Tips For Using Portland Indymedia

A Beginner's Guide

As interpreted by one workerbee who may or may not be corrected by other workerbees in the comment section. :)

All articles featured in the center column come directly from the Open Publishing Newswire located in the right hand column. So this means they come from people like you. Just click on the big, red "Publish" button in the upper right hand corner, fill out the form(be sure you appropriately categorize your article), and sit back relax wait for it to show up on the newswire.

Featurizers look for these 3 qualities for features:
1. Local
2. Original
3. First hand reporting

Of course, you'll notice from time to time there are slight exceptions.

Event announcements are a common exception. However, frowned upon as a distraction from the intent of this resource by some volunteers.

Here are some tips for how to make your event announcement more desirable as a feature:

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