Portland girl to live on wild food May 24-30

Starting Sunday, May 24, I'll spend a week eating wild food that I forage from sidewalks, parks, wilderness areas and yards in the city of Portland, Oregon. There will be no dumpster diving or mooching off gardens. I will be eating wild edibles only. I will be blogging about my experience here at www.CultureChange.org, talking about what I eat, how I prepare it and how I feel. As a city girl accustomed to the comforts of restaurants and supermarket food, I am excited to experience a new kind of luxury: interacting with the Earth the way I was meant to.

Most of what I know comes from spending time with knowledgeable friends who are herbalists, survivalists, ethnobotanists and primitive skills enthusiasts. Some of them will be joining me this week and introducing me to foods I've never tried before. What we are doing is a bit like reinventing the wheel. Because we lost most of our ancestral knowledge when our forefathers destroyed indigenous cultures, modern-day foragers are tasked with salvaging what scraps of information we have left. It is essential that we work together as a community to assemble the pieces.

There is certainly some urgency, as we are living in the midst of the sixth greatest extinction event of all time. Resources are becoming ever scarcer as our population continues to climb. It makes sense to look "backwards" in order to progress as we work to build the infrastructure for a sustainable future. For 200,000 years humanity has lived on this planet, and the vast majority of the time we had no worries about pollution. It only got funky 200 years ago, when we entered the strange new age of industrialization, a world filled with machines and factory farms and chemicals.

Wild Girl" Becky Lerner is a journalist who writes about foraging and primitive skills at www.FirstWays.com and  http://rebeccalernerwilderness.wordpress.com. Her portfolio is at www.rebeccalerner.com

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