VIDEO: StopStarbucks Campaign Launched

Brave New Films has initiated a new media campaign via YouTube and Twitter to combat union busting at Starbucks. According to Starbucks' CEO Howard Schultz, if employees “believe in their hearts that management trusted them and treated them with respect...If they had faith in me and my motives, they wouldn’t need a union.”

Baristas and other employees are earning wages between $7 to $9 an hour. Starbucks' Optimal Scheduling policy forces workers to dramatically increase their own availability, which means that if baristas want to work full-time hours, they must be available 80.5 hours a week -- whether or not they are assigned a full time shift. Although Starbucks is often praised for providing health insurance to its employees, Starbucks provides less than 42% of its 127,000 U.S. employees with health coverage -- lower than Wal-Mart, which insures about 47% of its workers.

Workers who decide not to "trust" the company face union-busting tactics such as coercion, discrimination, intimidation, physical assault, and termination. Starbucks opposes the Employee Free Choice Act and has joined forces with Whole Foods and Costco to form the "Committee for a Level Playing Field" to fight against unions.

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