Anti-War Memorials

San Jose, CA: Memorial Day honors war dead. Unlike most U.S. war memorials, a stunning exhibit at De Anza College dramatizes not only American lives lost in the war in Iraq, but Iraqi lives lost as well. There is one figure for each confirmed fatality. But the ratio of 1:22 American to Iraqi deaths is extremely conservative. Read More & Pics: Memorial Day: Counting Lives Lost to Stop Inflicting Grief upon Others

Boston, MA: Boston Veterans For Peace and Military Families Speakout held their second annual anti-war Memorial Day observance in Waterfront Park on May 25, 2009. Speakers spoke about the devastation of the Iraq/Afghan wars and the terrible toll taken on US soldiers as well as civilians. After the speakers, the names of each Mass. soldier killed in Iraq/Afghanistan were read aloud and a flower was tossed in the harbor water... Read More & Pics: Boston Anti-War Memorial Day Event | Video

Rogue Valley, OR: Lined up very near the front of the parade immediately behind other veteran groups Veterans for Peace #156 marched with a clear message for peace. I didn't hear one derogatory remark or see one middle finger and I think that was the first time I have ever seen this happen when publicly standing up for peace...Read More & Pics: Vets for Peace in Grants Pass Boatnik Parade

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